United Airline’s Flight 175 crashes into WTC on November 11 2001

M/S Estonia sank in the Baltic sea on September 28 1994, 852 people died

The forrest fire broke out in Västmanland/Sweden in July 2014


New Swedish innovation solves major

problems at sea as well as on land

Using our light, module-built MoR (Means of Recovery) rescue system, single people can easily be picked up from the water. The system can also be employed in large-scale rescue operations at sea.

The rescue system is very easy to understand and use. It only requires limited space for storing and handling on board and can rapidly be transported by helicopter, ship or truck.

Many years of research and extensive tests at sea have resulted in very promising results. The design uses the latest carbon fibre technology making the products light, robust, maintenance-free and user-friendly.

The idea behind the SES-CR is to make it possible to lift people from the surface using a ship board crane (MoR) or a helicopter. It can also be used as a life raft on a sinking ship. For ships in inland and coastal waters, this is a fully accepted solution which meets all rules and regulations. For ships at sea it can be seen as a complement to current equipment such as lifeboats and rafts.

During the SES-CR development phase, the Swedish Transport Agency has been open to discussions and in an objective way contributed with guidance regarding current rules, regulations and standards for this kind of equipment.

We would really appreciate having you on board for this journey with the objective of saving many lives in the future. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sven E Sörelius

Managing Director

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